Activate Media

Activate Media Framework

AMF is a software platform that enhances your content marketing strategy by providing an aggregated stream of relevant content.


Information overload

Today’s web is not about a few static pages sitting on a server, it’s about managing a constant flow of news, posts, tweets, comments and feedback, generated by a huge amount of sources inside and outside your organisation.

Identify, Monitor, Share

The challenge is to identify and share the content that is most relevant for your users and customers – sifting the useful from the unimportant amidst this deluge of data. The Activate Media Framework (AMF) is designed to help you do just this: You can use it to provide specialised news, monitor trends and to build a real understanding of what is going on within your industry or around your subject area on a real-time basis.

State of the art aggregation

At its core, the advanced aggregation technology brings together and organises content from multiple sources, providing the ideal platform to curate and automatically publish streams of news and information.

The Framework

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AMF Aggregator WordPress plug-in

Designed for professional digital media publishers, the AMF Aggregator WordPress plug-in allows website owners - who have chosen WordPress as their publishing platform - to easily aggregate news items from multiple topical sources, providing an easy to use curation tool for its editors.


AMF Custom Shop

Need a sophisticated custom-designed web application that utilises content from multiple sources? AMF provides the solution for your needs. The Activate Media team of designers and developers can provide all the technology and the knowhow for your next digital content platform.